Search Technology Consulting

Many companies invest vast amounts of resources on enterprise content management systems that are intended to improve productivity and to help them remain competitive. Unfortunately, it is a well documented fact that a large proportion of all complex technical projects fall well short of their mark because they had neglected to properly consider how this content was to be accessed by users.

Management team with experience in successful delivery on complex technology projects along with a team of systems design engineers with domain knowledge of the technology being implemented can come a long way in helping to reduce risks of failure.

ACIS Consulting can quickly review your technology management needs and help you put together a team of technical professionals with specific expertise required for your project. With these technical consultants added to your team, you can move forward with confidence in the knowledge that you have dramatically improved your chances for success.

ACIS Search Proejct Management expertise can be utilized for:

  • Project coordination and management
  • Systems architecture and system design review
  • Project evaluation and technical risk assessment
  • Quality assurance services
  • Writing of technical specification document