Search and Multimedia

ACIS Consulting showcases advanced integration of searh with multimedia processing technologies to enable indexing and search of live TV and Radio programs broadcast in English and French languages.

As everyone is well aware, the use of video broadcasts and audio podcasts has been growing rapidly over the past few years. This trend has experienced explosive growth with the advent of video blogging and other similar services.

The immediate challenge that comes with this exponential growth of multimedia content is finding a specific video or audio clip that relates to a given topic or search keyword.

Implementing a complete end-to-end system that indexes a video or audio feed requires tight integration and information exchange between various processing components including content capture system, voice to text conversion, feeding and indexing, integration of search results processing for clip alignment and playback presentation.

This solution was successfully implemented and showcased to demonstrate the overall system capability to index live video broadcast feeds in real time.

Users are able to monitor and index multi-channel broadcasts and search for specific keywords to display the exact clip they are looking for.

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