Products & Technologies

ACIS Consulting products and expertise are almost exclusively focused on Cognitive Search and AI driven Knowledge Discovery technologies.

ACIS has several years of experience in the implementation of Enterprise Search products at various companies where search is a critical business application.

Building Search Based Applications

As you will see from the list of solutions outlined below, ACIS specializes in development of application extensions on top of any Enterprise Search Platform product. Every solution developed was done in response to specific customer requirement and can be adapted to meet the needs of other applications with similar requirements.

Examples of such solution extensions include:

  • AI machine learning to understand patterns of user interaction and user interest patterns to deliver a more relevant content recommendation that takes user interest into account. Read more
  • Search and Maps integration layer that combines geographic and demographic data points to present a more interactive map based search experience . Read more
  • End-to-end real time processing and indexing of Video and Audio broadcast content to enable keywords based searching to instantly locate clips of interest . Read more
  • An “Intranet in a Box” application to enable multiple departments to define their own search and search results user interfaces and business logic while at the same time sharing one common search index . Read more