Search Based Solution Development

Search based solution development is the core competency of ACIS Consulting.

A search based solution may mean different things to different people. Broadly speaking, it is any implementation that leverages the various advanced capabilities of an enterprise search platform to deliver value-add to our customers’ content. Value add can be achieved by the ability to index vast resources of content in various repositories, by improving accessibility to content; improving ease of use in navigation, knowledge discovery through content aggregation, content mashing, entity extraction or content cleansing etc.

We start solution development by learning our customers’ high level business objectives and key constraints.
We then provide additional suggestions and insights based on our knowledge of the kinds of capabilities a search engine has to offer in support of the identified business objectives. We also offer search best practices based recommendations for designing user interaction and delivery of an enjoyable and productive search experience.

A detailed requirements specification is then developed to define the scope of the solution implementation.

Given our vast library of search related functions and user interaction widgets, we are able to build a rapid prototype for the proposed solution. Step-wise refinements through carefully planned road map of delivery phases is then used to deploy and deliver the final search based solution.

ACIS Consulting has developed many search based solutions that delivered dramatic ROI for our customers.(please contact us for more details)

Some other examples of search based solutions developed by ACIS consulting include:

  • Map based search solution for real estate listing …read more.
  • FAST ESP based search profile manager that can be used rapidly configure support for multiple brands and multiple search interfaces while sharing one common search index…read more.
  • Social network based search solution that uses “crowd sourcing” to identify and assign weighted “credibility index” to shared content and “popularity index” active participants within the community…read more.
  • Search based content audit, content cleansing and content classification platform solution that is used by customers who are in the process of migrating their legacy content, that is stored in shared folders or older CMS, into modern enterprise content management systems or e-discovery platforms…read more.