Enterprise Search 101: Merging E-SEO and the Cloud

We’ve discussed in previous blog posts the competitive advantage gained when a company implements an effective search service.  Leveraging enterprise search technology not only boosts customer satisfaction by providing relevant, up-to-date results, it also saves your company time and money.

ACIS Consulting has been providing customers search technology services for over a decade, and we’ve perfected best practice procedures over the years. We’ve taken a new approach to enterprise search that allows us to offer services at much lower costs than those required for hiring specialized search technology professionals to monitor one installation on a full-time basis. Instead, our technology infrastructure and specialists are shared among multiple customers, meaning users only pay for the services they consume.

ACIS Consulting provides professional E-SEO deployment and management services for enterprises with enterprise search deployed via on-premise data centers as well as hosted private clouds. And now, customers have the ability to move their search service to a fully managed cloud environment at CloudSearchPortal.com.

The integration of cloud and enterprise search technologies offers a cost-effective and reliable solution that increases productivity, reduces hardware expenses and improves customer engagement.

Check out our infographic below to learn more.