ACIS Consulting Develops Configurable “Intranet Search In A Box”

ACIS Consulting has developed “Intranet Search IN A Box” licensed product application to enable quick configuration and deployment of customized search user interfaces by multiple departments sharing one common search index.

Using this ACIS Search Profile Manager (ACIS-SPM); Clients are able to quickly configure and deploy a search service offering on their website that is tailored to their customers’ needs while at the same time leveraging the advanced capabilities of a world leader search technology.

This mid-layer search based application enables each Client department to decide on the branding, look and feel, and what search functions they would like to present to their users while at the same time sharing one common search index.

ACIS SPM Solution Architecture

The solution architecture that is required to implement the above shown capability consists of four layers:
1. The data sources layer representing all of the websites,databases, fileshares etc. from which FAST will be retrieving the content to be indexed
2. The search index layer that represents a single unified search index into which all of the retrieved content has been normalized and mapped.
3. The ACIS-SPM mid-layer that is used as interface layer between the search user interface and FAST search engine, also manages multi-user configuration.
4. Search User Interface presentation layer that is tailored and configured by each client.

ACIS Search Profile Manager

ACIS Search Profile Manager

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