ACIS Consulting Extends Enterprise Search Services into the Cloud

July 23, 2011

(Toronto , Canada) ACIS Consulting Inc. (ACIS), one of the most experienced Enterprise Search technology developers and systems integrator companies, has announced the launch of its Cloud-based Enterprise Search as a Service (ESaaS) offering.

ESaaS is a complete solution plus services package that includes a cloud-based IT infrastructure, a highly advanced enterprise search platform, professional consulting and management services that tie it all together.

This ESaaS service offering is intended to meet the needs of customers who are looking to reduce the total cost of their enterprise search service while at the same time improving customer satisfaction and retention rates by providing an improved search experience.

Enterprises who have to manage and deliver large volumes of web content to thousands of clients understand that search is a critical application. It serves as a primary tool for quickly connecting clients with the information they are looking for. However, as content volumes are continuing to grow at exponential rates and search technology quickly advances to meet customers’ evolving needs, maintaining an optimally configured search service becomes very complex and expensive, and is a task that requires search engine experts to continually monitor, tune and adapt to the changing environment.

“Many enterprise search owners are starting to ‘think outside the box’ by looking to cloud computing as a possible cost cutting and process streamlining opportunity. We are definitely seeing a growing interest in this area” said Efrem Habteselassie, principal at ACIS Consulting. “Although we agree that leveraging cloud computing technologies can result in cost savings in many cases, we believe that more significant ROI benefits can be gained by properly leveraging the enterprise search technology to efficiently connect people with the information they need. This is why we are launching this ESaaS service offering – to combine the benefits associated with cloud computing with our world-class experts to offer the first complete Enterprise Search as a Service package.”

Large organizations with multiple website properties and trade associations who need to provide a single point of access for searching the entire online content of their membership are particularly well suited to take advantage of ESaaS.

If you are interested in learning more about ESaaS, please download our complementary Whitepaper entitled “Enterprise Search as a Cloud Service, Opportunities for Cutting Costs While Improving Search Quality.”

About ACIS Consulting:

ACIS Consulting Inc. is an Enterprise Search Systems Integration and Knowledge Discovery Technology Management company that was established in 1992 with its head office in Toronto, Canada. ACIS is a re-seller and systems integrator that specializes in Enterprise Search family of products.
ACIS has helped to deliver advanced search solutions to major customers such as New York Times, McGraw-Hill Publications, Ontario Government, Canwest Global Communications etc.

For more information, please visit or call (416) 269-9899.

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