Convert Enterprise Data Assets to Strategic Advantage!

August 22, 2010

ACIS Consulting is a Toronto based technology solution provider that specializes in helping enterprises that would like to leverage their data assets to deliver exceptional customer service and gain competitive advantage.

Most organizations are faced with challenges aggregating content that is stored in multiple repositories and providing secure and unified access to employees and clients who need it.

We have industry leading expertise in implementing solutions that aggregate and organize data from multiple repositories and using AI and machine learning to deliver the most complete and relevant information that matches each user’s profile.

ACIS is also the Canadian re-seller and systems integrator of Attivio Cognitive Search and Machine Learning platform product.
Given its unparalleled standards for security, Attivio is now trusted by 7 of the top 10 largest global investment banks helping the world’s top financial institutions improve compliance productivity by 80+%, reduce regulatory overhead by 70+%, and improve the accuracy of communications surveillance 90+%. Attivio also has customers across multiple industries, including Insurance, High Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Life Sciences.

“We deliver twice as fast, with better quality!” – simple reason? Like any master craftsman, this is our specialty and we have done this many times. We have an extensive library of functions and features that can be used as building blocks to quickly deliver any custom solution to meet the business requirements of our customers.

Above and beyond technology expertise, ACIS brings to the table its vast experience in understanding the business level intent and objective of our customers and the commitment to do whatever is necessary to help meet and exceed these objectives.