Over Two Decades of Service Excellence!
Whether your company is big or small, we bring you the benefits of our vast experience, to Tailor a solution for your needs

ACIS Consulting provides technology management, knowledge discovery solution consulting and implementation services with specialization in the following areas:

CDAP Technology Adoption Advisory

We leverage our extensive experience in development of digital adoption strategies to identify and recommend a technology roadmap solution tailored to your specific needs.

Social Media Marketing and Sales Platform Services

ACIS Consulting offers specialized services that enables our customers to conduct end to end social media advertising, lead generation, prospect qualification, and prospect nurturing as fully integrated solution package.

Web-based Technology Services

We provide expert technology services in web-based application design, development and systems integration.

If you need to add customer data entry forms, interactive databases, dynamic content generator or any custom programming services… please talk to us.

Project Management and Consulting

If you are launching a major technology implementation project involving complex technologies, we can help reduce your risks.

We can assist in systems design, technology architecture development and in project management.

We would be happy to share the benefits of our extensive experience to help assure your success.

Cognitive Search Technology

ACIS Consulting has a world leading Enterprise search expertise that was developed through several years of front line project implementation services.