Provincial Government of Ontario
 is an Enterprise that has a vast array of
information assets that are managed by the various ministries and public
service agencies. These information assets are stored in multitudes of internal
shared folders, databases, content management systems, internal and public
facing websites.

ACIS Consulting was responsible for design and implementation of Province wide

search engine platform that allowed citizens to access government services from

220 websites through one central search portal. ACIS has served the Ontario 

Government in this capacity for over 13 years.


Canadapost selected FAST ESP as the core search platform to power its Public Facing as well as its Intranet search needs. Internet search results use the automatic classification capabilities of FAST ESP to enable dynamic drill down within search results.

The New York Times has a vast collection of archived news assets dating back to early 19th century. The Archived News project was intended to leverage search technology to monetize these assets by making archived news content readily accessible to historians and researchers looking for archived news stories.

Canwest Digital Media was interested in improving the search experience to its subscribers of newswire services. Newswire feeds from over 3800 sources around the world are indexed by FAST ESP in near real time basis.


The FAST entity extraction and content categorization capability on massive volumes of content was leveraged to achieve the desired improvement in search experience and customer satisfaction.